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After having a couple of bad experiences with massage in the past I was sceptical to try another. After explaining this to Tanya she took on board my concerns and I ended up having a very relaxing and pleasant massage, the warm and friendly welcome along with the clean and calm environment also added to this pleasant experience.

Jemma Portelli, Bristol

“Tanya is a superb massage therapist. She treats me at least a couple of times a month and works her magic leaving me feeling rejuvenated and chilled! It’s the best stress buster I’ve found! I recommend her unreservedly. She is also really professional, punctual and friendly!”

Phil Cotton, Senior Partner, Bristol

“ Tanya’s calm and relaxing personality makes you feel immediately at ease and comfortable. At each session she will enquire if there are any specific areas that require attention but I have found that I can rely on her unique ability to read where I may be having pain or stress and she is able to adapt the massage to what my body needs. Having postural back problems, from long periods sat at a desk or behind the wheel of a car, I have found Tanya’s deep muscle technique on my back the best I have ever had.”

Mark Roskilly, Pensions Product Manager, Bristol

 “Every week, after my massage from Tanya, I'm smiling. Why? Maybe she's worked out all of the tension from my body and I'm utterly relaxed. Or maybe it's been a quiet, soothing massage and I'm totally chilled And sometimes, because my muscles have been truly knotted, she's worked them hard, so perhaps then the smile is more of a grimace! But most of all it is because, as well as being a brilliant masseur, she is charming, interesting and fun.”

Bill Thompson, Payroll Legislation Manager, Dursley

“Tanya was recommended by a friend, but I kept putting it off. Now that I have started, I won’t stop; the massage was a brilliant tonic and a complete calm-down from life’s hectic beat. I’m hooked!”

John Van Der Haer, Principal Systems Engineer, Bristol

"I was 18 weeks pregnant when I first went for a massage with Tanya and was feeling vulnerable and a little apprehensive about anyone coming near me and my bump! Tanya's easy nature, alongside her skill and experience, instantly put me at ease and I felt able to relax and really enjoy the massage. As my bump has grown, Tanya has made sure I'm comfortable by using pillows and certain positions so enable me to have amazingly beneficial massages during my pregnancy. It has been lovely to feel so looked after and the massages have made a big difference to my incredibly tense and pretty uncomfortable shoulders. Worth every penny!"

Nicky Noble, Occupational Therapist, Bristol

"I was given my first massage by Tanya as a birthday present - and what a brilliant present it was! She's an absolute natural and I would recommend her massages to anyone. Definitely the best massages I've had anywhere."

Luke Andreski, IT Consultant, Bristol

“I started to see Tanya for massages in 2007 and think she is fabulous! During my initial consultation, she asked me what kind of massage I preferred and any areas of discomfort so that she could tailor the sessions to me. I like very firm massage and Tanya is the only person I have ever used that really managed to hit the spot! However when I have needed a more relaxing massage she has adapted to suit my requirements. I have gone on to have Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage as well as full body massage and now see Tanya for an hour and a half at a time.I am currently pregnant and continue to see Tanya for pregnancy massage which has been wonderful and relaxing, and I feel confident that Tanya has the right experience to cater for my changing needs. I have recommended Tanya to all my friends and have bought vouchers as presents so other people can experience how good she is!

Tanya truly cares about her clients and also loves her work which I believe is reflected in the high quality of massage she gives"   

Jennie Broome, Senior Financial Education Consultant, Bristol

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