Massage Pain Away believe in doing one thing and doing it well.

We Massage with the intention of alleviating, relieving and eradicating pain!

We use Level 4 and 5 Massage Therapists to ensure excellent quality treatments. 

Tanya Pincott MTI - Level 4

Using a combination of deep tissue and holistic massage to release tight and tender muscles is extremely effective, you have similar benefits of a sports treatment (where the Therapist will concentrate on specific areas) with the addition of a nourishing and enjoyable full body massage, the best of both worlds!

Massage is also a natural and effective way to help, relieve stress, improve circulation and clear toxins. Through massage, we can help you to live a more relaxed and comfortable life. 

Benefits of Massage include

Relief from Muscle tension and pain, headaches, backache, fibromyalgia.

Reducing stress and tension mentally as well as physically

Improves circulation and encourages the bodies natural detoxification


Book in Sports and Remedial Massage from 14th May 24

Aaron Lightbody MTI - Level 5 - Available from 18th May 2024

Remedial and sports massage (RSM) incorporates a specialised set of massage techniques for the treatment of muscle, tendon and ligament problems. Anyone can benefit from RSM, regardless of age or physical activity levels. Whether it’s an acute injury or chronic condition, RSM aims to alleviate the local pain in combination with addressing any underlying causes such as postural imbalances or muscular dysfunctions. Treatment also includes advice on remedial exercises as part of rehabilitation plan.

Common benefits of RSM include

Helps decrease the recovery time between training sessions.

Relieve tightness, stiffness, spasms and restrictions in muscle fibres.

Increase joint mobility

Improve posture and associated conditions such as neck and shoulder pain.

Body MOT – A full body assessment to identify any asymptomatic dysfunctions which may increase the risk of future musculoskeletal issues. A great option for anyone looking to get back into fitness after a long hiatus or those about to enter a more strenuous training regime.

Clothing: For remedial and sports massage treatments please wear or bring shorts and a vest top or sports bra (women) to enable a postural assessment.